InPhenite Sighthounds

Inger & Phoenix

My passion for Sighthounds began with Inger and almost ended with Phoenix.  Inger was my first retired Greyhound.  She was everything that one loves about a sighthound and also the most stoic dog I have known.  Inger was “The Great Huntress” and our pack alpha despite being my lightest Grey by up to 20 lbs.  She lived almost to 13.  Having had her in my life, I never wanted another type of dog.

Phoenix was my fourth retired Grey.  His beauty caught everyone’s eye, but his personality kept them enchanted.  He was far less reserved than many Greyhounds.  Unfortunately, his life was too short and involved too much pain. First there was the broken leg as a puppy, then the year long struggle with sarcoma.  He had just turned 5 when he died; I was devastated.

Inger & Phoenix died within 6 weeks of one another.  I didn’t think I could adopt another Grey, and yet couldn’t imagine life without them.  Somehow this led me to Silkens with their luxurious coats & more practical size; they are still 100% sighthound.  I have come to love them just as much, and they helped me to heal.  Now I cannot imagine life without both breeds:   InPhenite Sighthounds, in honor of Inger & Phoenix.  They bring me infinite joy.


The Grey:

The Silkens:
Appley, Gita, and Opa!.

Why InPhenite?