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I wish I cold keep them all ...

In an ideal world I would never have available hounds.  I would keep them all.   - even every single puppy from every litter, but I cannot keep them all.   If I did none would get the love & attention that they deserve.  


Although I do my best find the perfect home for every puppy, sometimes I fail & need to try again; or sometimes 'LIFE" changes happen in a previously perfect home, and things are no longer perfect.  When this happens, I will always take the dog back; I WANT to take the dog back- even if years later.  Then I will try again.

More rarely I discover that a dog I expected to keep is not the best fit & might be happier in another setting.  This is hardest, but I will consider alternative homes if the 'perfect' home presents itself.



Arg.  I can't believe I even post him - he'll need to stay close if I let him go at all.  Despite his recent success in conformation shows; he is not enjoying other competition as well as he once did - except for lure coursing.  He still LOVES this.  Maybe a new family would get him to some ASFA events ....

In any event, this big boy could only go to a very select home - he needs a DOMAIN.   He loves to sit above the field and survey the land - sun, rain, or snow.  But he is definitely still a house dog.  Phyn wants to sleep in your bed, but he isn't pushy about that.  

I think he'd like another dog of similar size to keep him company. but I also see him play by himself tossing toys.


check out the Litters page for any puppies ... but I only have a litter every few years

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