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ISWS ALCh. UKC ALGrCh Tangaloor Appley Ever After (7/6/2005-4/28/2018) 

Appley ... Apples ... Appleman .... He was my 1st Silken. Almost from the day we met at Alison Brendel's in June 2009, I became his human. He told me so. I don't know what he saw in me, but I have never felt such immediate unconditional love; and soon I loved him back. He joined the small pack of my 2 remaining retired Greyhounds with amazing ease & helped to heal me from my loss of 2 Greys just a few months before .... April is the cruelest month …

Appley made such a positive impression that the future Agent Gita (my future SmartAss Bitch) followed his arrival just 2 months later. He became a fabulous 'uncle' for the clever, fiesty puppy; but I was still #1 in his eyes. I was his human. When I started showing my Silkens, he joined in ISWS Companion classes & then later in UKC & ISWS Altered competitions. In theory he was my filler, but - despite his infamously huge 'Appley ears', he blossomed as he aged & increasingly 'failed' to be a filler earneding both a ISWS ALCh & UKC ALGrCh. He participated in racing (TO ME at the finish) and became famous for a long string of Turtle awards. 

But most of all I was his human, and he loved me unconditionally - despite my becoming distracted with other hounds. He was always there for me, & I kept him close. 

After his diagnosis with cancer, we focused on comfort. Appley was doing amazingly well until just a few days ago when his diet began to falter. He declined to eat yesterday morning & even declined to take his pills wrapped in Humbolt Fog cheese & prosciutto (yes, he was very spoiled). He joined me at my hair cut appointment & ate some treats & yogurt, but then declined ice-cream & goats milk .... In the evening he became unsteady & fell in the yard. I carried him inside to a bed, and later he died in my arms. 

I am thankful for my friends who happened to be here last night, for my neighbor vet who came to ensure he was comfortable, for my Rob & for the InPhenite Hounds who comfort me. As T.S. Eliot said "April is the cruelest month ...", Appley will be sorely missed.

Appley, svelte
Appley loves me
Appley zoomies
Appley Spumante
Handsome Appley
Appley at rest
Apple's downward dog
Appley & the Easter Bunny
Appley Best of Everything
Appley the snowman
Appley: Flying Fur Ball
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