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Gita: aka Agent Gita, my SmartAss Bitch

Gita - my muse
2012 NWSC 8-25-12-857s
Gita: Shark Attack
Gita: the Joy of Lure Coursing
Gita's Gotcha
Gita is ready for her Close-up
Gita as art
Gita being wise
Gita's portrait
Pretty G
I'm an image title.

UKC ALGrCh Firebirds Star of Sagitta TCP was my first puppy.  After arriving in 2009 from Colorado at 11 weeks, she quickly established her domain.  She is definitely a little Firebird. 


Gita’s coursing career was off to a good start in 2010 with 3rd at NWFest and 1st in singles at Boofest.  However, she is now more famous for creative approaches to racing & coursing than for her official results.  She clearly understands String Theory.  Due to this 'creativity', she now runs in the ASFA Single Stakes rather than with other hounds.  She has earned her Title of Coursing Proficiency (TCP) and has been the breed's highest ranked Singles competitor 2012-2019.  Now she has retired.


My SmartAss Bitch is too smart for her own good. She can open zippers, cabinets, some coolers, sliding windows, and childproof caps on pill bottles.


Finally, Gita is also a beauty; she became the 1st Silken female to win a UKC Altered Ch in July 2012 and has gone onto become an Altered Grand Champion.  She has won Altered BIS at several UKC shows and Best Companion at many ISWS events.  In 2016 ISWS began including 'Altered' classes at events rather than 'Companion' classes as part of their new Altered Championship program.  Gita won Best Altered at Silkenfest 2016.

To top it off Agent Gita has several youtube videos & her own intermittent blog:


Agent Gita videos:  (Agent Gita) (Gita @ Goldendale)  (Agent Gita’s coursing trailer)  (From Calistoga with Love, Agent Gita)  (Agent Gita vs Lure)  (Dr. Oh.No)  (Quantum of Silkens)

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