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The Supercalifragilistic Litter

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Born August 30, 2016
(more photos to follow; contact me for more information)
Supercalifragilistic Litter!

Supercalifragilistic Litter!

Possum & Camp

InPhenite Happy Camper (M) was 1st born; 2nd was the tiny fawn boy, InPhenite Awesome Possum (M)

Kiyay & Tiki

The 2 biggest: InPhenite Yippee Ki Yay (M) beneath his sister InPhenite Tickled Pink (F)

Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace: InPhenite That's Amazing (F), I think she'll look like Grandaddy Dior.

InPhenite Yippee Kiyay

InPhenite Yippee Ki Yay: Kiyay


InPhenite Happy Camper: Camp

Amazing Grace

InPhenite That's Amazing: Amazing Grace

Kiyay & Camp at the bar

Tiki & Possum at the bar

Amazing Grace & tiny Possum

Momma Opa! & little Possum

Grace is amazing (& huge!)

Hello world!

Tiki sees the world on day 16 (Camp was 1st to open an eye on their 2nd week BDay)

Possum & pals

Big yawn! Camp & Possum

Thirsty puppies

Possum & a pear tree?

Opa! & the pups

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“OPA!” (Ώπα),

a Greek word often in the celebration of life, may express joy, pleasure, . . . many things.  

Supercalifragilistic is similar in expressing that something is wonderful.

This litter is a wonderful celebration of life! (Aren't they all?)

The puppies will all have names that are positive expressions.  

That's Awesome, right?

link to Opa! song (pretty horrible - LOL)

All puppies are MDR1 & CEA clear by parentage.

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