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Mintz (RIP)

Mintz speed
Mintz & the Easter Bunny
Handsome Mintz
Mintz with Gita's pic
Mintz on the move
Mintz Flying
Mintz: 4 off the floor
Mintz & the Easter Bunny2
Mintz: AL BIS
Mintz at attention
Old man still wants it
I'm an image title.
I'm an image title.
I'm an image title.
I'm an image title.

InPhenite Determinto  joined us in 2/2012, shortly after his 3rd birthday.  He ran ~70 races but was careful to finish poorly enough to earn an early retirement from professional racing. 

Life as a pet is just as much fun.  Lure coursing is a blast.  He always 'won' Best of Breed as I few Greyhounds were competing in my area, but he also won Best in Field each of the few times I entered him. Did I mention that Mintz was a beefcake (or perhaps a “mintz” meat pie)?  Mintz earned his UKC Championship & won a UKC Best Altered in Show.  I miss him terribly

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